Folding machines Hochstrate


Hochstrate which designs and manufactures folding machines in cooperate with VvB-Concept is located in Germany and the employees have a long experience with more of 40 years in machinery made in Germany.

Patented technology and years of know-how
Swivel bending machines in sizes from 1000 to 8000 mm and sheet thicknesses from 1 mm to 25 mm - a head start through innovation.
Optimum flow of forces and robust design:
The swing bending machine is characterized, among other things, by a robust and resistant welded construction - this has made it possible to reduce the weight compared to conventional machines. An essential component of the new design is the optimization of the flow of forces. In addition, the "dead angle" in the context of the bending beam adjustment and setting of the bending radius is avoided and the hydraulic drive can be used optimally.

Technical data

Bending angle                  135°
Upper Cheek Stroke       300 mm
Inside radius                    2 x sheet thickness
Side length                     10 x sheet thickness
Voltage                              400 V
Power input                     5 – 30 kW
Power                              24 V DC
Hydraulic power           50 – 400 hPa

Subject to technical changes